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7/8/2013 - Bunny N. - Orlando FL

I first took my vehicle into Orlando Import about a year ago. I had just acquired a C-RV from a northern state. I needed to get my rotors and brakes and everything in the world on this car fixed. I had gotten an estimate from a chain car repair shop and the price was insane. I found Orlando Import Auto Specialists through Yelp, called them up asking how much the repairs were going to be. The guy gave me an estimate, and booked an appointment for me. The estimate was a couple hundred dollars less than it was at the chain auto repair place!

I dropped off my vehicle with them and picked it up the next day. All the weird noises were gone, everything was fixed, and it ended up costing me less than they had originally said. AWESOME!! Thank goodness too because I was so broke at the time.

Now to the present, I need to get my serpentine belt replaced in my car. I called them up for an estimate and it was a lot lower than the other place I had gone to. I'm going to my appointment this week and I'm really excited that I'm getting it done so much cheaper (and good quality!) than other places.

These guys know their stuff. They're awesome and honest. 5 stars!

5/20/2013 - Katelynn S. - Orangevale CA

Like many others, I found these guys on Yelp.

We moved to Orlando from California for 5 months and were just about to head back, and we needed someone to check out the car for us. We don't know much about cars, so someone could have told us just about anything that we had to do to it and we might have believed them.

Joe helped us out. He was absolutely awesome. He told us the car was in great shape, just needed an oil change, and air filter, and probably some new tires. He performed the first two needs, and the bill was 52 bucks, only 5 of which was labor.

I've never heard of anyone getting out of a mechanic that cheap. Greatly appreciate the work and honesty. Wish I was staying here to be a repeat customer!

4/19/2012 - Garrett H - Orlando FL

These guys are great. I had my car towed here when a bleeder valve broke and I couldn't drive without the car overheating. They fixed the valve and hose, and I also talked to them about having a valve cover gasket replacement done. My car has over 100k miles, and the original valve cover gasket was cracked so I had some slow oil seepage. I had been putting off having the work done because I was expecting to pay a lot for it. The guys gave me a quote for the work that was about a third of what I was expecting to pay, so I had them do it for me. The work was done and my car was ready in about a day.

When I picked the car up, I talked to them for a while and they were more than happy to pop the hood of my car and go over what work was done, including showing me the old parts and the new ones that they replaced. This work was done about 5 or 6 months ago and haven't had any problems. I feel really comfortable with the word they did, and the price is way below what I would pay at the dealer. Often it's hard to find a reliable mechanic who can work on German imports, especially on engine work. These guys are affordable and honest.

7/18/2013 - Dfrost D. - Arlington VA

I took my truck in for something I was expecting to spend at least $500 on and Joe came back to me that it was only going to be $200.

I told him I had planned on spending $500 so if he saw anything else that I should have taken care of to go ahead and do it to get to that amount.

The next day it was still $200 - he had a couple of recommendations for 'down the road' but nothing that had to be done. These are my people